Thursday, June 11, 2009

BTT: My Book Niche

There are certain types of books that I more or less assume all readers read. (Novels, for example.)

But then there are books that only YOU read. Instructional manuals for fly-fishing. How-to books for spinning yarn. How to cook the perfect souffle. Rebuilding car engines in three easy steps. Dog training for dummies. Rewiring your house without electrocuting yourself. Tips on how to build a NASCAR course in your backyard. Stuff like that.

What niche books do YOU read?

I'm definitely a science nerd at heart. While I love reading all kinds of fiction, sometimes I really enjoy a good science-based nonfiction book. Books that stick out are The American Plague about the Yellow Fever epidemic and I have The Best American Science Writing of 2008 sitting on my nightstand just begging to be read. One of my favorite science related reads is my Getting a Grip on Genetics book that I received from my 8th grade science teacher when I graduated high school.

It's awesome. It's well written and has tons of information and explanations, as well as pictures and diagrams explaining the principles. It's a little elementary for me at this point, but it's still fun to pick up and flip through every once in a while. Also, this is part of a whole series! They cover tons of topics from astronomy and physics, to philosphy and evolution. I highly recommend them!

The other niche of books that occupies my house is my husband's obsession. Any and all books about MMA, the UFC, and fighters' memoirs. So far he's read about the rise of the UFC, Chuck Liddel, Randy Couture, Tito Ortiz, Matt Hughes, etc. etc. I don't get the appeal but, hey, at least he's reading!

What niche of books do you really enjoy?


  1. The science books sound very interesting! I havent delved into those kinds of books.

    And I think your husband and my husband would get along!

  2. I read a fiction book about a firefighter one time. Apparently the author was a firefighter and the details were pretty accurate. It was fascinating, but I don't know when I'll read that sort of thing again.

  3. That's what I say about my husband and his everything golf related!

  4. The three volumes of Feynmann are my cherished possessions.

    Booking through niche

  5. I've always been a bit interested in science too. Here are mine: (1) and (2)

  6. I adore science stuff, usually on TV rather than in books.

  7. i read anything with words...but my husband is more a of niche-reader. he prefers 'murder and mayhem', as i call it. he likes the true crime genre...but i find it too unnerving and avoid it.

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