Thursday, August 27, 2009

BTT: Fluffy Reading

What’s the lightest, most “fluff” kind of book you’ve read recently?

Well, it's summertime which means that I've been reading things that can easily be enjoyed while either sitting up at the lake or on my back porch sipping an ice cold drink. This means LOTS of fluff! Most recently was the seventh book in the Southern Vampire Mysteries series by Charlaine Harris, All Together Dead.

I haven't even reviewed it on here because after reading the last 6 Sookie books, there isn't a whole lot that changes. Sookie's living her life partially in the real world where she's a waitress, but mostly in the supernatural world where she's used for her telepathic abilities by the vampires and were-animals. She of course gets herself into some big-time trouble but manages to escape. Such is the main storyline throughout these books, with mostly just the main love interest (that Sookie sure does get around!) and the deadly situation changing . But, they are fun, quick little reads and their mass market paperback size makes for convenient toting around. Perfect for summertime!

What was the last "fluffy" book you read?


  1. Sookie books are popular picks today!


  2. you know i actually haven't read any of the Sookie books! I've been wanting to because i want to watch true blood but idk? Glad they're fluffy =P

  3. Fluff to me is something that I don’t have to pause and scribble notes for. So that includes a light travelogue (not not much of historical note), chick lit, and comfort read. In my answer, I picked The Jane Austen Book Club because it was a quick read and comforting. Some readers might find a fluff read being compromising in its writing, but not necessarily. Fluff reads can be great for a drab, gloomy afternoon on a weekend.

  4. This is, as they say, way off-topic, but:

    My name is Emily, and I, too, maintain a blog -- called "In My Head."

    No kidding!

    I'm so gobsmacked by the coincidence that I posted about it -- come by and visit, won't you?

    (Also, I'm a book reviewer. No -- really!)

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