Monday, August 24, 2009

Monday Musings: Serial book-ist

Today’s MUSING MONDAYS post is about book series…
Do you prefer to read stand-alone books, or books in series? Do you stick with a series the whole way through or stop after the first instalment? Are there any particular series you enjoy?(question courtesy of Elena)

Lately, I've been reading a LOT of books in a series. I have been re-reading Harry Potter, finished Jessica Darling's, been slowly but surely taking in Outlander, and every once in a while taking down one of Charlaine Harris's Southern Vampire Mysteries. Out of the 53 books I have read so far this year, 35 of them are stand-alone books. I think that this is a fairly low number of stand-alones compared to most years simply because there are just so many great series out there right now! I guess that I should just put myself in the serial book-ist category.

All the series that I've picked up this year, I have every intention of finishing up (with the His Dark Materials being lowest on the TBR pile) because I enjoy them so much. Unless I really, REALLY dislike a first book in a series, I always eventually finish the series. Outlander is taking a little bit of time just because I like to get in a few shorter books in between the mammoth tomes that Diana Gabaldon writes, but I will definitely get there (hopefully before Echo in the Bone arrives on my doorstep!). The series that I'm really looking forward to starting, but haven't yet, is The Hunger Games. I've heard a lot of good things about it but at this point I haven't received it from PBS yet and I figure that I might as well wait until I own a copy (especially since I'm pretty high on the wishlist for the second book).

Are there any series out there that you really enjoy? Or are you not a fan of the series?


  1. You will LOVE The Hunger Games! I trying to be patient for Catching Fire. I am trying to listen to the Outlander series before Echo In Bone shows up.

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  2. i've done a bunch of series in my reading career...

    harry potter
    stephanie plum
    kay scarpetta
    jessica darling
    mediator (by meg cabot)
    sue grafton's alphabet mysteries

    and on and on...i like series because i get to know the characters and they feel like old friends. :)

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  5. Remeber the days when I was reading the Harry Potter series. These books are really good. Today, as a person that likes esoteric and business literature, I really enjoy Richard Bach, Vadim Zeland, Robert Kiyosaki and others.
    In general series are more informatve and cover more of the subject hence they are worth enjoying.

  6. The first thing that springs to my mind when I think about series is , obviously, the Harry Potter. I enjoyed reading those books and after a few years rereading them again. But now I prefer to read stand-alone books, probably because every time I start reading a new book, I'm intrigued about its plot as well as twist and turns of this book ;)