Friday, February 27, 2009

Booking Through, Friday?

Better late than never right? I meant to answer this week's BTT yesterday, of course, but it ended up just being a crazy busy day! But, since I liked this week's questions, I've decided to still post it even though it's now Friday. I'm such a rebel.

BTT questions are in green :)

Hardcover or paperback?
I prefer paperback since it's easier to carry around and makes my bag a little lighter, but I really love having the hardcovers for my series (like Harry Potter and Twilight) and my favorites. Paperbacks are a little easier to curl up with though.

Illustrations or just text?
Most of the things I read are just text. I do like how the Harry Potter books have a little illustration at the beginning of each chapter though. I guess my answer to this would be that I like illustrations when they fit in with the text and are well done. My favorite children's author/illustrator is Leo Lionni. I could look at his simple, yet brilliantly done illustrations all day!

First editions or don't care?
Eh, I don't really care. I'm not a HUGE book collector. I just like to have my favorites around for easily accessible re-reads. I don't need to have any fancy editions. As a matter of fact, the copy of Middlesex that I'm reading right now (and almost finished with!!!) is a paperback that looks like it once took a dip in a pool. I don't care, as long as it's legible!

Signed by author or not?
I would say not for this one. If I had copies that were signed by the author then I don't think that I would actually read them. I would set it on the shelf so that it would always look pretty and never get damaged. My books usually take quite a beating since I tote them around with me everywhere, just in case I have a spare minute to read. I think that the only signed books I have right now (well, somewhere in storage) are As, A Surfeit of Similes which is signed by the illustrator, David Small, and Night of the Full Moon by Gloria Whelen. Both Small and Whelen had come to my elementary school and we were able to buy one of their books and have it signed. I haven't actually gone to any signings as an adult.

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